1. puroresu-musings:


    Because I’m an official Kazuchika Okada fanboy and I’m as sold as Gedo

  2. jondaly:

    It’s gonna be tough for this movie to pass the Bechdel Test cuz these 2 pervs can’t stop talking about me! #hunkcity #Fresno ( cc @nlyonne @missjudygreer )


  3. 104 degrees with a severe thunderstorm warning. good one, nature.


  4. i learned that people hate lawyers from the film “jurassic park”


  5. "charlie wilson’s war" is really high up on my list of really bad movies that i love


  6. i had no idea that the brandon lee from “the crow” was bruce lee’s son.


  7. the idea of watching “boogie nights” terrifies me


  8. i am in the process of some a+ procrastination on this online traffic school thing

    court’s due date is wednesday, but they do electronic delivery, so as long as i finish it before thursday i’m good

    i should probably do it before wednesday

    i should probably do a lot of things

    by that, i mean, that there are many things in my life i should do. i am aware that they are what i should do. it is not a lack of knowledge that prevents me from doing these things.

    whelp back to video games


  9. FUTURE DOG NAME - president barklett


  10. every time

    someone asked me “you know what’s cool?” today

    i answered “a billion dollars.”


  11. note to self: find out if canadians say “mazda” the same way americans do


  12. the real way to win monopoly is to have your character kill him or herself once you have the most money. everyone else can keep playing but you went out on top. and no one else gets your money, you left it to your kids in a trust fund that cannot be accessed until their 18th birthday.


  13. i just googled “top 10 war crimes”

    apparently before world war i they don’t count as “war crimes” because that’s when we started caring

    general sherman really gets a free pass on that one.

    hm i am learning a lot about the term “war crime”. i think i’m looking for something else.

    "crimes against humanity" probably. cause i mean the holocaust doesn’t even count as a war crime.

  14. im the best in the world

  15. im the best