1. holy fuck nick kroll that fucking shirt


  2. i’m fairly certain that the 2002 film “reign of fire” is actually the 7th book in grrm’s “a song of fire and ice” series.


  6. a dude in my contemporary ethics class got aggro on me for throwing out the idea that it is entirely possible that plants and similar organisms such as bacteria are capable of a life “experience” that we are not capable of recognizing or relating to. while improbable, it is not impossible and is worth considering given the topic of animal rights.

    dude who takes no shit wasn’t having that and got really pissy at me and i’m psure would’ve fought me if i proposed it and i couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of class

    i philosophy trolled so hard that dude couldn’t take it. he just couldn’t take my theoretical jiu jitsu.

    i post a lot about how i did a thing and how i am proud of that thing. i am very very very proud of myself today.


  7. spring break woo is over. was a good spring break woo.

  9. vjsepp:

    Adam Scott Aukerman takin’ a break from ‘U Talkin’ U2 To Me?’ to talk about good old Cody’s love life.

    Experimenting with animated GIF as a storytelling medium. Working on pacing, font and design. Included credits in the GIF itself. 

    (via scottaukerman)


  10. i used the power of mathematics to win a jar of jellybeans today

    spring break woo


  11. godamnit phone tell me i have a text make the text noise come on text me text me please text me oh my god TEXT MEEEEE

    completely unrelated note tomorrow is 4/20


  12. it’s been a long time since i had a conversation about the pixies


  13. "My Jewish lawyers have advised me to say that I do not support, nor would I ever actually fund, a cum assault on any sitting US Senator. These comments were said in jest and should not be taken seriously. Please do not fling anything, even cum, at Ted Cruz’s face. Thank u"
    — Last night, readers of the conservative garbage heap known as Twitchy.com got very butthurt over a tweet I wrote about flinging cum on Sen. Ted Cruz’s face. So here’s the response I crafted with the help of my Jewish lawyers. (via joemande)

  14. dogtown and zboys is my favorite documentary


  15. note to self

    purity of motive