1. normally i would be at class right now but i do not have class because it is spring break. spring break woo.

    i guess i’ll go play more street fighter

    also, i was very disappointed by the notebook. for many reasons, most of them having to do with the film itself, but also i was given the impression that time travel in some way factored in. it did not. i am owed apologies.


  2. i only hang out with girls so i can meet their cats


  3. hahahah so the answer is “no, jean grey never learns”. i mean jeez girl, iceman is an omega level mutant who could end the world at any moment but nobody is puttin him on trial cause he doesn’t constantly make you think he’s gonna do it. stop readin everybody’s mind, stop mind controllin people to do things they don’t wanna do, and stop goin all phoenix eyes when cyclops decides to bail and go on space adventures cause even though he loves you it just ain’t gonna work out.

    oh well good stuff. i’m caught up on all the bendis books, feel good about my comics-ing.


  4. all new x-men is pretty cool. great concept. though i do mourn the fact that they finally had a cool way to have a simplified x-men book and then decided “LET’S FUCK THIS BITCH UUUP” with even more convolution and time travel trickery.

    oh well. comic books are rad. all new scott summers and x23 make a great and hilarious couple. i wonder if the trial of jean grey makes her realize she needs to stop using her powers like an out of control demigod, lest someone who is will to make hard choices puts her down.


  5. i don’t know if it isn’t such a bad idea to put jean grey down.

    i mean on principle it is terrible but girl just can’t seem to stop being a terrifying horror that will use her powers to destructive ends at all times, phoenix force or no

    edit: “terrifying horror” i am ashamed of myself


  6. pattern recognition

    i have a great sense of humor

    i’m an old soul

    i’m sarcastic and witty

    oh you know, a glass of wine and netflix

    *pictures of hiking*

    i’m looking for someone adventurous

    i’m not looking to play games

    i’m random

  7. it is marvel canon that luke cage once beat up doctor doom over a $200 debt


  8. there is a line between things, but this line is constantly in flux. at what point is a a solid a liquid? at what point is a liquid a gas? is there a moment when jello is both a liquid and a solid? at what point is a taco a sandwich? at what point do steps become stairs?

    i actually have a definitive answer to the last one, me and pat had a long discussion one night about it. you ask me the difference between steps and stairs, boom i got it.


  9. i love ultimate j jonah jameson. a jonah that loves and respects peter parker and made him a better person is a breath of fresh air. best thing about ultimate spider-man.


  10. reading is dumb

    the book i was trying to read is mediocre. perhaps i should spend more time elucidating on my favorite writers and what it is particular to their style that i find so alluring. but fuck that. i tend to think it is some sort of poetry of the language, but not in any standard form. i feel too many authors spend too long listing details of appearance so as to “paint a picture” with words. there is a way to write dialogue that skips over this process and delivers an image that goes beyond description. plus, i’m reading a fuckin book. if it ain’t super relevant to the story, describe as little as possible. my imagination works. douglas adams barely described shit, except when he had to, and when the description itself was of value, like talkin bout vogons or something. neil gaiman can just write a sentence about a character and you go “oh yeah that’s pmuch the best way you could say that within the confines of language, good job bro”. hunter s thompson wrote great stuff about what should have been done with nixon’s corpse.

    really though when it comes to a book, i’m much more concerned with how the story is told than the story itself. cause, i mean, every story has been told. they are all the same when you get down to it. when someone writes well, they don’t even need to be writing about anything in particular. i’m in.

    anyways patrick rothfuss’ “the kingkiller chronicles” was pretty good i enjoyed it


  11. dream date

    ikea, where we will buy the bed upon which we will fuck


  12. sport

    baseball is a sport for drunks and masochists. i hate it and love it. it beats me and sings to me. i am at its mercy.

    day 3 of the mlb season


  13. learning

    feelings of loneliness and isolation when you are not alone or isolated are some of the hardest things to explain to people. i’ve thought about it extensively, and there doesn’t seem to be one way to make it clear.

    imagine spending lots of time talking with someone, not at once, but being around them constantly. you don’t get along well, so you find it hard to open up. when you finally get your courage up and say something you feel is important, they don’t realize it is important and all and don’t treat it as such. this isn’t done out of malice or spite. it isn’t easy to tell someone “this is important to me” without sounding put upon.

    it is one of those intangible ideas that can bring two people together. when you speak, they know to give reverence to certain things from which you expect it. but perhaps there is virtue, even moreso, in the person who can’t inherently see what is important to you, but does everything in their power to try?


  14. doin’ work

    i am taking a chance today in one of my classes. part of our regular assignment in my comparative politics class is to provide a website or article review and relate it to our lessons. i have decided to somewhat diverge from this monotonous and basic task and instead discuss a real problem facing those who wish to be informed in the modern age. that while information is abundant and everywhere, it is truly difficult for well-meaning and intelligent people to actually know what is going on with any given issue. the problems of bias in “first hand social media” accounts are obvious, despite being a wonderful advancement. much of the reputable media sources simply report on facts and events rather than delve deeper into the inner-workings of issues. a revolution in journalism is necessary in this modern age.

    anywho, hope he doesn’t fail me outright for not doing exactly what was asked. if he does, whatever, i’ll just do it his way next time.


  15. coming out

    i actually really love the whole “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” thing because racists finally found a way to feel comfortable saying “i am a racist” in public. i feel more racists need to feel comfortable admitting that they have irrational hatred and prejudice in their heart.